Big Black Sweet Cherries
& Red Sour Pie Cherries

Cherry U-Pick Hours: 10 am - 5pm
Days Open Vary please call for details

U-Pick Sweet Cherries are done for 2015

U-Pick Sour Pie Cherries are done for 2015

Call or Text Annette (the owner) for Details at

(269) 208-3591

U-Pick Cherry Address:

6299 Carmody Road Coloma MI 49038


Fruit Acres Farm Market at:

I-94 at Coloma Michigan Exit #39 Easy Off/Easy On

Farm Market Open June - October 30

Open Everyday 9am - 7pm

Farm Market Address:

3452 Friday Road Coloma MI 49038

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A Note from Annette and Randy:

As of August 27, 2015 Peach U-Pick is Saturday August 29 & Sunday, August 30 open 10am to 4:30pm. To upick this weekend we have Glowingstar Peaches & White Blushingstar Peaches & Baby Gold Cling Peaches.White Blushingstar Peaches you can pick off the tree yourself Glowingstar Peaches come off the pit easy, are sweet and big, and are good for canning, freezing, baking and eating. We pick a different variety of peach every week. The U-Pick Peaches are $.99 per pound. We think we will start u-pick apples on Labor Day Weekend for $.99 per pound. There is about 25 pounds in a half bushel basket of peaches or apples. We do give you aBeautiful Glowingstar Peaches you can pick off the tree yourselffree bag for the peaches but if you want the basket it is an extra $3. You are welcome to bring your basket back from last year for you to use and take with you. We will have u-pick peaches every weekend now through September in limited supplies. If the peaches you buy are very hard, please just set them on the counter for 3-4 days until they are getting soft. Do not put them in a plastic or paper bag. Peach U-Pick is open ONLY Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm. The last hayride leaves for the orchard at 4:30. So you cannot go u-pic after 4:30. We are NOT OPEN for U-Pick during the week. You have to buy the peaches already picked at our farm market. We are 1 hour later than Chicago time.

At Fruit Acres Farm Market we are sellingsweet juicy freestone SweetstarBeautiful Coralstar Peaches already picked at the farm market peaches now. Sweetstar Peaches are a great yellow peach that comes off the pit very easy, are really sweet, big and have a firm flesh that is great for canning, freezing, baking and eating. I like them Much Much better than Red Haven because they come off the pit easier, are larger, sweeter, and the flesh is great for canning. Please try a free sample before you say you just want Red Haven please. Peaches at the farm market already picked from our farm are $27.99 half bushel (about 25 pounds) plus $3 if you want the basket. Smaller amounts of peaches are also available. 3 different kinds of Sweet Juicy Eating Plums from our farm ($5.99 quart). Apple season is finally starting with Zestar Apples & Ginger Gold Apples. They are all great for eating & applesauce but do cook down if you make a pie with them. We hope to have some sweet Nectarines at the farm market this weekend. This is all picked fresh from our own farm.

Fruit Acres Farm Market is open everyday 9am to 7pm and now has Sweet Sweetstar Peaches ($27.99 half Lots of Great Local Produce at Fruit Acres Farm Marketbushel). Red Haven Peaches are done for this year. Also 3 kinds of sweet eating Plums, Zestar & Ginger Gold Apples, all fresh from our own farm. We are still getting a few Blueberries, but they will run out very soon. We have Local sweet Peaches n Cream Sweet Corn. New this week lots of sweet & hot peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow big low acid tomatoes, Brocolli, Gourmet Eggplant, big cabbage, Cauliflower & sweet Sangria Watermelon with seeds in them. We also have Sweet Local Cantaloupe $2.99 ea, Jalapeno, Serrano, Cayenne, Finger hots, Anaheim, Poblano & Hot & Sweet Banana Peppers & alot more hot & sweet peppers. We finally have lots of Local Red Ripe Tomatoes , Green & Yellow & Roma Tomatoes, Local Grape & Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Michigan Lettuce, New Yukon Gold Potatoes, Green Pepers, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, Pickles, Beets, Turnips, Comet summer squash, Gourmet Globe Squash, Michigan Acorn, Butternut & Spaghetti Squash, & Green Cabbage. This is all from local farms within 20 miles of our farm market.

U-Pick Cherries are all done for this year! U-Pick is usually around July 4. Fresh Sour (Tart) Pie Cherries are done for this year. We do always have frozen pitted Sour Pie Cherries (no added sugar) that are individually frozen. So you can pour some out to use and reseal the bag. 2 1/2 pound bags for $8.99. On order I can get a 30 pound box of non sugar sour cherries for $50. I need 2 days notice and I can only get them Monday - Friday.

We are now picking Chenango Strawberry Apples, also Sheepnose Appleknow as Sheepnose Apples. This variety was first grown in New York state (Chenango valley) since 1855 and is a very popular apple with the Amish to make applesauce for canning. It is a semi tart, very soft apple with a pink skin that makes the Applesauce slightly pink. Applesauce experts like it as much as Lodi or Yellow Transparent. They will be available at the farm for $10 bushel with a cardboard box. We pick fresh to order.

Gas in Michigan is currently $2.74 gallon.

Now for an update of the crops. Most varieties of Peaches, Plums and Apples all have a good crop. We are excited about all the crops this year! We are very blessed to have as much fruit as we do this after the very very cold winter. There are many farms that are not as fortunate.

Fruit Acres Farm Market has been in the same location since 1963 & owned by the same family. For those that have never visited us before, we are the old fashioned open air Farm Market. My goal is to supply you a large assortment of the best tasting local produce I can get. We sell a large assortment of Fruits and Vegetables, alot of jams, jellies, fruit salsa, honey & Apple Cider (we make from our own apples) in the fall. Across the road is a converted gas station that sells some fruits and vegetables, but also sells alot of other stuff too. That is not Fruit Acres. Please visit the original (the oldest) Farm Market in the area.


Turn Here when you see this sign!Fruit Acres Farm Market


To have a real farm experienceSour Pie Cherries come try our U-Pick Sweet Cherries. The trees are dwarf size trees so there are no ladders. You can pick right from the ground. But the Sweet Cherries are Big, Black and Delicious. All our Sweet Cherries trees are different kinds, so sample some of the cherries on the tree before picking, to make sure you like them. Please call ahead for details before you come, for exact dates and times.

Dwarf Cherry Trees compared to big old Cherry Tree


Big Black Sweet Cherries Fruit Acres Farms is the largest Black Sweet Cherry grower in Southwest Michigan as far as the amount of acres grown and the number of different varieties of Sweet Cherries.

We also hand pick Sour Pie Cherries on order. The time for sour cherries is around July 1. To order call (269) 208-3591 or 468-5076. That is Annette's cell phone. You can also Text her.


Before we hand pick anyBig Sweet Juicy Sweet Cherries Black Sweet cherry it must be at the peak of maturity. Our Black Sweet Cherries are the sweetest, juiciest and most flavorful Sweet Cherries we can grow. Fruit Acres Farms hand picks all our Black Sweet Cherries for direct sales to wholesale and farm market customers. After harvesting the Sweet Cherries we wash and sort them to make the best product for our customers.


Big Black Sweet CherryAvailable at Fruit Acres Farm Market is an limited supply of Sweet Juicy Black Sweet Cherries for 3 weeks a year. Sweet Cherries are offered in pints, quarts, 10 and 20 pound boxes.

How does a Cherry Grow?

Cherry Blossom being pollinated by a Honey BeeAfter the Cherry is pollinated by the bee during blossomtime it just keeps growing out of the blossom. The Cherry grows with a green color for 6 weeks until the Cherry starts to turn dark red for 2 weeks and the cherry is fully ripe.

Green Cherries growing out of the BlossomLittle Green Cherries

Final Product!  Ripe Black Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherry Recipes

Sour Cherry Recipes from Cherry Marketing Institute