Big Black Sweet Cherries
& Red Sour Pie Cherries

Cherry U-Pick Hours: 10 am - 5pm
Days Open Vary please call for details

U-Pick Sweet Cherries are done for 2015

U-Pick Sour Pie Cherries are done for 2015

Call or Text Annette (the owner) for Details at

(269) 208-3591

U-Pick Cherry Address:

6299 Carmody Road Coloma MI 49038


Fruit Acres Farm Market at:

I-94 at Coloma Michigan Exit #39 Easy Off/Easy On

Farm Market Open June - October 30

Open Everyday 9am - 7pm

Farm Market Address:

3452 Friday Road Coloma MI 49038

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A Note from Annette and Randy:

October 8, 2015 Fruit Acres U-Pick is Closed for this year. You cannot pick Apples off the trees anymore at Fruit Acres. We do not have enough workers to keep it open for the next 3 weeks. Sorry. You can buy Apples already picked fresh from our own farm at the farm market. The farm market is open everyday from 9am to 7pm through Sunday October 25, 2015.Sweet Honeycrisp Apples

Fresh Apples we have right now are Sweet Honeycrisp,Sweet SnowSweet (new variety), Tart/Sweet Jonagold, Sweet Golden Delicious, Sweet Early Fuji, Sweet Gala, Tart Empire & mild Red Delicious Apples, all fresh from our own farm. Sweet Concord (Blue) Local Grapes & Sweet Niagara (white juice grapes) are on now, $20 half bushel box or $3.50 small box. We have a few peaches from our own farm but please try a free sample first because these peaches are very late and they are not as juicy orsweet as our peaches usually are. ASweet Concord & Niagara Local Grapeslso they do not come off the pit. It is because it is so late in theyear and they don't get the sunshine or heat they do during the summer. These peaches are coming out of our peach breeding program (Stellar Peaches) and they are the latest peaches in Michigan. The best time for peaches is late August to early September. The next apples at the farm market from our farm will be sweet Cameo, sweet Late Fuji and Tart Braeburn. They will be ready around October 16.

We still have sweet Improved Stanley Plums on sale for $5.99 handle basket. Also on sale is Sweet crisp Asian Pears for $5.99 handleSweet Local Bartlett Pears basket. Lastly on sale is sweet eating Plums (Pluots) for $3.99 quart. All the apples, plums, and asian pears are picked from our own farm. We have Sweet Local Bartlett Pears and sweet Bosc Pears for $22.99 half bushel, great for eating, canning and even some baking. We make our own recipe for very sweet Apple Cider, that is 100% apple juice, has no added sugar or flavors, and has some Honeycrisp in each batch. We press apple cider fresh every week. It is easy to freeze apple cider to enjoy during the winter, but make sure to take some out of the container before freezing so it has room to expand when freezing.

Local Fresh Vegetables are still available Improved Stanley Plums at the farm marketat our farm market but will be going away soon for the season. We still have Red Ripe large Tomatoes along with grape, yellow large, yellow cherry, and red Roma Tomatoes. Also fresh Cucumbers, Green Beans and Yellow Beans, regular Eggplant and gourmet eggplant. We have 16 different kinds of hot and sweet peppers. The kinds we have are Anaheim (Chili), Roasting, Sweet Mini, Cayenne, Finger hot, Cherry bomb, Cubaneele, Sweet and Hot Banana, Poblano, Jalapeno, and Super hot Ghost Peppers. Also Green, Yellow, Orange and Red Bell Peppers. Peppers are very easy to freeze, and use during the winter. You do not need to cook them, just cut them up or keep keep whole and put in freezer bags, and put in the freezer, that is it.Beautiful Cauliflower and Huge Cabbage picked fresh

Fall vegetables we have now is fresh Brocolli, Brussel Sprouts on the stalk, huge Cabbage heads, and beautiful fresh Cauliflower. These all sell very quickly so get them while they are here. Fall (winter) squash is here with Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Sweet Potato, Golden Hubbard, Cheddar Pumpkins and Spaghetti Squash at $.79 per pound. All of the squash will store for months if kept cool and dry.

For Fall Decorations, we have Gourds are really cool (I think)beautifulGourds, big Pumpkins, Garden Mums and Turban Squash. Pumpkin People can decorate your pumpkin this year, on sale for $9.99 each. Handcrafted in Coloma. We have Sunflower heads that you can roast the seeds and eat them, or feed them to the birds (they love it). All of this is from local farms within 30 miles of the market.

Stock up now for the winter with natural Local Honey, Jams, Fruit Butters, Salsa and much more. We did get more jams, butter and salsa's for this weekend. We still have lots of frozen fruit in 2 1/2 pound resealable bags, so you just pour out what you want and seal the bag up. Frozen product we have is Sour Cherries, Black sweet Cherries, Blueberries, Whole Strawberries, Blackberries, Pineapple, Black Raspberries, Peach slices, Mango, and Stir Fry Mix. We also have lots of frozen pies left that are delicious. The kinds we have are Apple, Cinnamon Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Apple Walnut, and Peach Blueberry.

Beautiful Fall Colors are starting in Southwest Michigan now, so please come visit us during the Columbus Day weekend.

Gas in Michigan is currently $2.44 gallon.


Goose landing on water Beautiful fall colors on our farm at Fruit Acres


To have a real farm experienceSour Pie Cherries come try our U-Pick Sweet Cherries. The trees are dwarf size trees so there are no ladders. You can pick right from the ground. But the Sweet Cherries are Big, Black and Delicious. All our Sweet Cherries trees are different kinds, so sample some of the cherries on the tree before picking, to make sure you like them. Please call ahead for details before you come, for exact dates and times.

Dwarf Cherry Trees compared to big old Cherry Tree


Big Black Sweet Cherries Fruit Acres Farms is the largest Black Sweet Cherry grower in Southwest Michigan as far as the amount of acres grown and the number of different varieties of Sweet Cherries.

We also hand pick Sour Pie Cherries on order. The time for sour cherries is around July 1. To order call (269) 208-3591 or 468-5076. That is Annette's cell phone. You can also Text her.


Before we hand pick anyBig Sweet Juicy Sweet Cherries Black Sweet cherry it must be at the peak of maturity. Our Black Sweet Cherries are the sweetest, juiciest and most flavorful Sweet Cherries we can grow. Fruit Acres Farms hand picks all our Black Sweet Cherries for direct sales to wholesale and farm market customers. After harvesting the Sweet Cherries we wash and sort them to make the best product for our customers.


Big Black Sweet CherryAvailable at Fruit Acres Farm Market is an limited supply of Sweet Juicy Black Sweet Cherries for 3 weeks a year. Sweet Cherries are offered in pints, quarts, 10 and 20 pound boxes.

How does a Cherry Grow?

Cherry Blossom being pollinated by a Honey BeeAfter the Cherry is pollinated by the bee during blossomtime it just keeps growing out of the blossom. The Cherry grows with a green color for 6 weeks until the Cherry starts to turn dark red for 2 weeks and the cherry is fully ripe.

Green Cherries growing out of the BlossomLittle Green Cherries

Final Product!  Ripe Black Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherry Recipes

Sour Cherry Recipes from Cherry Marketing Institute