Fruit Acres
Farm Market & U-Pick


Open Everyday 9am-7pm
June thru October

I-94 at Exit 39 Coloma
in Beautiful Southwest Michigan
just minutes from Lake Michigan

Farm Market Address:

3452 Friday Road Coloma MI 49038

Call or Text Annette (the owner) at (269) 208-3591



With FreeWagon Rides
& Free Picnic Area with Playground & Volleyball Net

U-Pick Peach & Apple Address:

2789 Friday Road Coloma MI 49038

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A Note from Annette and Randy:

As of September 25, 2015 U-Pick is Saturday September 26 & Sunday September 27. Saturday & Sunday we are open 10am to 4:30pm. We do not have U-Pick Peaches this weekend. But we may have u-pick peaches next weekend but check back.Sweet Early Fuji Apples you can pick off the tree yourself We have U-Pick Sweet Crisp Honeycrisp Apples for $1.49 per pound. This is the last weekend for Honeycrisp U-Pick. We also have Sweet Gala & Sweet Early Fuji & Golden & Red Delicious apples for $.79 per pound for upick this weekend. There is about 25 pounds in a half bushel basket of peaches or apples. We do give you a free bag for the U-Pick but if you want the basket it is an extra $3. You are welcome to bring your basket back from last year for you to use and take with you. The last hayride leaves for the orchard at 4:30. So you cannot go u-pic after 4:30. We are NOT OPEN for U-Pick during the week. You can buy the peaches or apples already picked at our farm market. We are 1 hour later than Chicago time.

At Fruit Acres Farm Market we have Sweet Crisp Honeycrisp Apples. They are $22.99 half bushel (about 25 pounds). We will have them until the middle of October. Apple season is here with 5 different kinds of Apples fresh from our own farm. Sweet Gala Apples & Sweet Early Fuji Apples, Sweet Golden Delicious apples, Sweet Swiss Gourmet Apples and Tart Late McIntosh Apples. They are all great for eating & applesauce & Baking. We now have Pluot (plums) that are very sweet when they get soft, & 2 different kinds of Improved Stanley for $26.99 half bushel. We also have Sweet Asian Pears by the pound or small basket. This is all picked fresh from our own farm. We are still selling Star Beautiful Star Peaches already picked at the farm market peaches now. Star Peaches are a good yellow peach that usually comes off the pit, but sometimes these late peaches do cling to the pit. Star peaches are late peaches which are not as good as Peaches in Late August & Early September but they are good for this late in the year. You can use them for eating, baking, canning and freezing. But please try a free sample to see if you like the peaches before buying them. Peaches at the farm market already picked from our farm are $27.99 half bushel (about 25 pounds) plus $3 if you want the basket. Smaller amounts of peaches are also available.

Fall is finally here at Fruit Acres Farm Market. We have great Pie Pumpkins (for eating or decoration) for $1.25 ea. Beautiful Large Hardy Mums for $4.99 each. Huge Pumpkins from $1.99 to $9.99 and I will have some Big Stem Pumpkins & great looking cool gourds this weekend too! Indian Corn is coming next week. This is all from local farms. I can get cornstalks, if you can order them ahead of time. $5 for a large bunch. For your fall eating pleasure we have lots of Apples & Plums & Sweet Grapes & Sweet Apple Cider.

Fruit Acres Farm Market is open Improved Stanley Plums at the farm marketeveryday 9am to 7pm and now has Star Peaches ($27.99 half bushel). Also sweet eating Pluots & 2 different colors of Improved Stanley Plums, Sweet Crisp Honeycrisp Apples $22.99 half bushel. Sweet Gala, Sweet Swiss Gourmet, Sweet Early Fuji, Golden Delicious apples & Tart Late McIntosh Apples $16.99 half bushel, all fresh from our own farm. We have Sweet Bartlett Pears for $22.99 half bushel. The pears are still green so they will store well, but just let them sit on the counter a week to let them turn yellow, sweet and juicy. We have very sweet Blue Grapes & Green Niagara Grapes (with seeds) for $3.50 small box or $16.99 peck box. Sweet Blue Concord Grapes will start next week. You can order them ahead for $20 half bushel. Sweet Local Bartlett Pears We have Super Sweet Apple Cider this week from our own apples. Our Apple cider is 100% apple juice with Honeycrisp & lots of Gala added in for $7.99 gallon. Apple cider will be made fresh every week until we close the week before Halloween. We have lots of sweet & hot peppers, yellow big low acid tomatoes, Brocolli, Gourmet Eggplant, Huge Cabbage, & Cauliflower. We have Jalapeno, Serrano, Cayenne, Finger hots, Anaheim, Poblano & Hot & Sweet Banana Peppers & alotBeautiful Cauliflower and Huge Cabbage picked fresh more hot & sweet peppers. We finally have lots of Local Red Ripe Tomatoes , Green & Yellow & Roma Tomatoes, Local Grape & Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, New Yukon Gold & Red Potatoes, Green, Red & Yellow Pepers, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, Pickles, Beets, Michigan Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup & Spaghetti Squash. This is all from local farms within 20 miles of our farm market. We also have different kinds of frozen fruit in 2 1/2 pound bags and frozen fruit pies (that are delicious) for $12.99. We are done with Local sweet Peaches n Cream Sweet Corn & Blueberries for this year, sorry.

Gas in Michigan is currently $2.38 gallon.


Turn Here when you see this sign!Fruit Acres Farm Market

Sweet Delicious Peach Varieties

Grown and Sold at

Fruit Acres Farm Market & U-Pick

This year 2015, we are currently running 1 week after normal.

Ripening Dates are approximate and may vary as much as 2 weeks year to year either earlier or later

Time for picking? Check the Harvest Time page

Early Season Peaches

July 10 - August 4

  • *Stellar peaches Brightstar & Earlystar - July 16 to 27 - Very attractive red, large (2 1/2"+) peach with a sweet peach flavor and comes off the pit when soft. They are the best varieties for this early season but still only for fresh eating. Available at the farm market only. You can be one of the first people to try these new superior varieties.
  • Risingstar - July 28 to August 4 - Beautiful early peach with 70% red skin, firm flesh and good flavor. Large size (2 3/4"+) for fresh eating or baking. Not recommended for canning. Available at the U-Pick, farm market and wholesale.
Earlystar PeachBrightstar Peach


These are the best peaches for all-over canning, fresh eating, baking and freezing. They all come off the pit unless specified.

My personal favorites will have a * in front of the name.

  • RED HAVEN - August 4-20 - This variety was released in the 1950's in South Haven Michigan at the Michigan State Peach Breeding Program. It was the best variety for the time but the newer varieties are very much improved in hardiness, flesh quality and flavor. Red Haven is still the most planted peach in Michigan because of customer recognition. One of the myths about Red Haven is that it is truly freestone. Actually it is a semi-cling, which means the pit does stick to the flesh if not completely ripe on most years, which makes canning more difficult. Available U-Pick, farm market and wholesale.
  • * STARFIRE - August 7-20 - A new superior firm flesh peach that is great for fresh eating, canning, freezing and baking. The beautiful 80% red skin peach stores well in the refrigerator so you can be eating fresh peaches for 2 weeks, if you wish. Starfire has a great, sweet peach flavor and is truely freestone (it does come off the pit). The size is large (2 1/2" to 2 3/4"). The first great overall peach of the season. Available at the U-Pick, farm market and wholesale.
  • *REDSTAR - August 10 - 17 - A very improved Red Haven. Similar in color and size to Red Haven but with a great flavor and firm flesh. The pit may not be completely freestone in some years similar to Red Haven. Great for fresh eating, canning, baking or freezing. Peach does not turn brown when cut for slices. Available U-Pick and wholesale only.
  • *ALLSTAR - August 20-30 - A very attractive and superior quality new variety of peach. Great flavor, firm flesh, completely freestone, and stores well in refrigerator. Excellent for canning, freezing, baking or just eating. Does not brown when cut. Allstar has 80% red skin on a large peach (2 1/2" to 2 3/4"). Available at the U-Pick, farm market and wholesale.
  • *CORALSTAR - August 20-30 - Coralstar is another new variety with 60% red skin over a creamy yellow background on a naturally large size peach (2 3/4 to 3 1/4"). This is another very attractive and superior quality peach. Great flavor, firm flesh, completely freestone, and stores well in the refrigerator. Excellent for canning, freezing, baking or just eating. Does not brown when cut. Avalable at the U-Pick, farm market and wholesale.
  • *STAR 66 - August 20-30 - This variety is so new it has not been named yet. 66 is very attractive and have all the great qualities of Allstar, but it has the highest sugar contentof all our peaches. This is my favorite for canned peaches and eating. It also freezes and bakes very well, is completely freestone and does not brown when cut. The size averages 2 3/4", which is a large size. Available at the U-Pick and wholesale only unless an advance order is arranged.
  • ** BLUSHINGSTAR WHITE FLESH PEACH - August 20 - September 10 - This is a newer variety white flesh peach with many superb qualities of a yellow flesh peach. Do not compare this to any other white peach you have tried before. The 80% dark pinkish red skin over a light pink and white background is just beautiful. The size is large at 2 1/2" to 3". The flesh is very firm, completely different from the soft, old white flesh varieties. Blushingstar can be prepared like a yellow peach as far as freezing, and eating. But with baking, I did not care for the flavor because it tasted like a sugar pie, so experiment yourself. Blushingstar is wonderful canned peach that stays firm, but tastes a little like canned pears, so it is a nice alternative to yellow canned peaches. Great sweet flavor and aroma, you will smelling them all the way home. Completely freestone. Available at the U-Pick, farm market and wholesale.
  • Cling (Baby Gold Type) Peaches - August - We have several types of Cling Peaches available. Cling means the peach does not come off the pit, so you have to cut it off. Many customers love these peaches for canning because they have a firmer and more rubbery fruit than many freestone peaches. Available at U-Pick only unless ordered ahead.



Starfire Peach

Blazingstar Peach

Redstar Peaches

Allstar Peach









Blushingstar White Peach








These peaches are very good quality, but I recommend the mid-season varieties for canning or freezing. These varieties are still excellent for eating and baking.

  • *GLOWINGSTAR - September 1-10 - This new variety is very large at 2 3/4" to 3 1/2" with 60% dark red skin and bright yellow background. Glowingstar has very firm flesh, freestone, very good flavor and stores well in the refrigerator. It is a beautiful peach that does not turn brown when cut. Available at the farm market, U-Pick and wholesale.
  • FAYETTE - September 10-30 - An older variety that is very attractive, somewhat firm flesh and good flavor. Not good for canning, baking or freezing. Does not store over 7 days in refrigerator. Available for wholesale only.
  • *AUTUMNSTAR - September 15 - 30 - This new variety is a very improved Fayette. The large peach (2 3/4" to 3 1/4") has 60% red skin color and a great flavor for anytime of the year, but especially for this late season. This peach has firm flesh and stores well, so you can still be eating fresh peaches even after peach season has ended. Available at the farm market, U-Pick and wholesale.

Glowingstar Peach

Autumnstar Peach

How Does A Peach Grow?

Trimming the Peach Trees

Jose Hernandez, our foreman,  Trimming Peach TreesA Peach tree produces 10 times more blossoms than the tree can ripen top quality Peaches on. The peach tree must be trimmed well to make the tree grow for this year's fruit and next year's fruit. That takes off many excess peaches and the rest of the peaches must be hand thinned off the tree. There are no chemicals used in thinning peaches at Fruit Acres. Spring is also when the trees are fertilized to help the tree grow.


Beautiful Peach BlossomsBlossomtime

When peaches bloom in April or May the pistol is pollinized by the tree's own pollen. A bee is not necessary for pollination.





Green Peaches Growing

Little Green Peaches Just out of the blossom shuckAfter the blossom is pollinated, the peach grows out of the base of the pistol and just keeps growing for 10-18 weeks until that particular variety ripens. That is why Mid-season peaches are better quality than Early peaches because they have a longer growing period. Peaches love warm weater to grow a great peach.




Sweet Juicy Tree-ripened Peaches

Beautiful Tree-ripened PeachThe Final Product; A Beautiful Sweet Juicy Peach ready for eating right off the tree. Come and see the peaches on the trees at our U-Pick in August and September.

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