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Farm Market & U-Pick

U-PICK Big Black Sweet Cherries
& Red Sour Pie Cherries

Cherry U-Pick Hours: 10 am - 5pm You must be there before 4:30 to get into the orchard to pick
Days Open Vary please call for details

Sweet Cherries U-Pick are done for 2014

Sour Pie Cherries are done for 2014

Call or Text Annette (the owner) at (269) 208-3591

Cherry U-Pick Address:

6299 Carmody Road Coloma MI 49038

Farm Market Address:

3452 Friday Rd Coloma MI 49038


Fruit Acres Farm Market at:

I-94 at Coloma Michigan Exit #39 Easy Off/Easy On

Market Hours: June - October 30

Farm Market Open Everyday 9am - 7pm

Questions? (269) 208-3591

Current Weather at Coloma, Michigan


A Note from Annette and Randy:

As of September 26, 2014 Every Saturday and Sunday we have U-Pick. U-Pick Star 116 PeachesWe do NOT have any U-Pick Honeycrisp Apples left for this year. The U-Pick orchard did not have many apples in it this year because of the cold winter. You can still buy Honeycrisp Apples already picked at my farm market for $22.99 half bushel. This is the last weekend for U-Pick Peaches at $.99 per pound. Star 116 peaches are very sweet and juicy BUT they do NOT come off the pit. We do have Sweet Juicy Autumnstar Peaches already picked (they do come off the pit). Both the peaches are good for canning, freezing, baking or just eating. Get your peaches before they are gone for the year.

We do have U-Pick Apples now too for $.79 per pound. For Saturday 9/27Mild Cortland Apples for U-Pick & Sunday 9/28 we do have U-Pick Sweet Golden Delicous Apples (good for anything) & Red Delicious Apples (good for eating only) & Tart Empire Apples (for baking & eating) & Mild Cortland Apples (for applesauce & eating). There is about 25 pounds in a half bushel basket. We do give you a free bag for the U-Pick peaches & apples but if you want the basket it is an extra $3. You are welcome to bring your basket back from last year for you to use and take with you. If the peaches you buy are very hard, please just set them on the counter for 2-3 days until they are getting soft. Do not put them in a plastic or paper bag. Peach & Apple U-Pick is open ONLY Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm. The last hayride leaves for the orchard at 4:30. So you cannot go u-pic after 4:30. There is NO admission charge & we offer a FREE picnic area with playground & FREE hayrides to the orchard. We are NOT OPEN for U-Pick during the week. You can buy the peaches or apples already picked at our farm market everyday 9 to 7. We are 1 hour later than Chicago time.

At Fruit Acres Farm Market we are selling sweet juicy freestone Sweet Autumnstar Peaches already Autumnstarpeaches now. This is the last freestone (comes off the pit) peach we will have for sale this year. Peaches already picked from our farm are $26.99 half bushel (about 25 pounds) plus $3 if you want the basket. Smaller amounts of peaches are also available.


Sweet Honeycrisp ApplesApple season is finally starting with Sweet Crisp Honeycrisp Apples. That is still the favorite apple of the year. Honeycrisp is good for eating, baking, applesauce & anything you want. Sweet Gala Apples & Jon-a-gold Apples & McIntosh Apples & Early Golden Delicious Apples. Gala, Jon-a-Gold, & Early Golden Delcious are great for everything including eating, & baking. McIntosh is not good for baking because it is soft but it makes a great applesauce. These Apples are picked fresh from our own farm.


Improved Stanley plums are Improved Stanley Plums just like Stanley plums you have known, but these are newer improved varieties. They come off the pit very easy, are bigger, sweeter and more juicy than Stanley Plums but still can be used all the same ways for canning, liquor, drying or just eating. $26.99 half bushel or smaller quantities are available. All the plums are grown on our own farm.

Sweet 100% Apple Cider ($3.99 half gallon or $6.99 gallon). We have our own blend of Sweet Apple Cider with no sugar added. We use all our own Apples & it does have HoneycrispSweet Concord Grapes Apples in it (along with other kinds of sweet Apples). Try a free sample.

Sweet Local Blue Concord Grapes have started finally. We have them for $2.99 quart box or $17.99 half bushel. Concord grapes are great for Jam, eating, or juice but DO have Seeds. Please order the half bushels so I make sure I have them when you come. Right now I was able to get some yellow colored Seedless eating Grapes that are SO Sweet for $2.99 quart box.




Local Bartlett PearsAt Fruit Acres Farm Market we have Sweet Local Bartlett Pears. Pears are better if they are picked green and let ripen either in the refrigerator to ripen them slow, or on the counter to ripen them in a few days. I like them when they are nice and yellow and Sweet. Bartlett Pears are $19.99 half bushel or smaller amounts are available. Lots of Local Red Ripe Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Local Grape, & Cherry Berry Tomatoes, Red Raspberries, Fresh Cauliflower, Big Cabbage, Brussell Sprouts, Fresh Green & Yellow Beans, New Potatoes (red & yukon), Eggplant & Beets. Acorn, Carnival, Spagetti, Sweet Potato & Butternut Fall Hard Squash. Peppers include Green, Red, Yellow, Orange & Purple Peppers, Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, Anaheim, Poblano, Roasting, Sweet Snacking, Finger Hots, Cayenne, Hot or Sweet Banana Peppers.This is all from local farms within 20 miles of our farm market.

Beautiful Pumpkins for carving or decoratingFor Fall decorating we have beautiful local Mums with lots of buds waiting to come out in their glory,3 for $13.99. These are mums that were grown in a field instead of a greenhouse, so they are more likely to come back next year. Before winter hits, put straw or leaves over the mums to give them some insulation so they can make it through the winter. This doesn't always work, but it will increase your chances. Great large Pumpkins finally have arrived for you to look over and take home. If you want small Pie Pumpkins for inside or outside we have them for $.99 each. Beautiful Indian Corn $.79 per ear is scattered all around the farm market. Really cool gourds (for decoration) 2 for $.89 are in too.

Gas in Michigan is currently $3.46 gallon.

Now for an update of the crops. Most varieties of Apples have a good crop. We are very blessed to have as much fruit as we do this after the very very cold winter. There are many farms that are not as fortunate.

Turn Here when you see this sign!Fruit Acres Farm Market

Please check Harvest Times page for ripening schedule

Peach U-Pick

Apple and Pumpkin U-Pick

U-Pick Sweet and Sour CherriesSweet Juicy Black Sweet Cherries

Fruit Acres Farms is the largest Black Sweet Cherry grower in Southwest Michigan for the amount of acres, and different varieties grown. Most of the varieties are Big, Sweet, Delicious, Juicy, Black Sweet Cherries but we also have all Gold color Sweet Cherries and Pink color Sweet Cherries (including Ranier). All our Sweet Cherries trees are different kinds, so sample some of the cherries on the tree before picking, to make sure you like them.

Sweet Cherry Recipes


Sour Pie Cherries Tart Sour Cherries are also available for U-Pick. Sour Cherries can be used for making Cherry Pies, or other baking, Dried Cherries and Cherry Juice that is great for arthritis, gout and help fight against Cancer and Heart Disease.

Sour Cherry Recipes from Cherry Marketing Institute

Dwarf Sweet Cherry Trees

Family picking on Dwarf Sweet Cherry TreesWe grow over a thousand dwarf Sweet Cherry trees. The fruit taste and look just like the bigger trees, but the dwarf trees are easier to pick because the trees are much smaller. You do not need ladders, all the trees can be picked from the ground. Next to the dwarf trees are huge old Sweet Cherry trees. Some of these trees are over 60 years old.

I am very sorry but we do not have the Free Hayride and Playground until peach season in Late July. We do have the large tent set up for a free picnic area.

More details on Fruit Acres Sweet and Sour Cherries



  • We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which means we only spray for Pheremones on Peach Tree in Bloom insects according to their life cycle and if that insect has been spotted by scouting orchards every few days.
  • We use pheremones when possible to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of chemicals for certain insects such as Oriental Fruit Moth, Codling Moth and Peach tree Borer. We participate in studies with Michigan State University for peach and apple to reduce chemical use as low as possible depending on the weather conditions that particular year.
  • Michigan unfortunately has too much natural insect pressure to farm organically on a commercial scale. Organic growers do still spray their orchards with many of the same chemicals we do. The western states with their dry desert weather conditions are better suited for that possibility. If we could save alot of money and time by not spraying and grow a sellable fruit we definately would.
  • We do not grow genetically altered fruit trees. The new Stellar peach varieties are hand cross-pollinated on a mother tree to get the new varieties the same way breeders have been doing it for hundreds of years. There is no genetic manipulation in a laboratory.


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